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AIT Thailand Scholarships Fully Funded

AIT Thailand Scholarships Fully Funded
AIT Thailand Scholarships Fully Funded

AIT Thailand Scholarships Fully Funded is open now. Scholarships from AIT are fully funded. Thailand is also accepting foreign applicants from all around the world. AIT Thailand fully sponsored scholarships cover a wide range of scholarships and areas. You can also apply for Master’s and Doctoral programs in a variety of fields and for a variety of grants, giving your future a boost by studying overseas on scholarship.

The Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand is giving Master’s and Doctoral degree candidates the chance to compete for lucrative academic scholarships. A significant number of no-bond AIT Scholarships are eligible for students applying to postgraduate programs at AIT’s Management (SOM). The AIT Scholarships, offered by Asia’s leading international higher learning institution, are designed to increase the number of qualified international scientists, engineers, and managers needed to face the potential demands of the developing Asian Economic Community area and beyond.

AIT Scholarships are a type of financial assistance that allows eligible students from all around the world to study together at AIT. It helps subsidize a portion of the study cost by covering all or a portion of tuition for qualified students, while students are responsible for the remainder of the tuition, registration fees (20,000 Baht per semester to maintain student status), and living expenses (around 11,500-15,000 Baht per month). This AIT Scholarships grant can only be given once before the enrollment and cannot be changed over the entire study period.

You may not need to apply for a different scholarship for this extremely competitive institute because the university will automatically award you an appropriate scholarship based on your resume. Also, Apply For Chulalongkorn University Scholarships| Fully Funded

Here are some fast facts about AIT Fully Funded Scholarships Thailand:

  • Thailand is the study place.
  • Kind of Funding: Fully Funded
  • When is the deadline for submitting an application? From March to May of 2021

What are the monetary advantages of these Scholarships?

Different scholarships have a variety of perks, but all are almost entirely financed, so go ahead and look for the right scholarship for you:

  • University tuition fee waivers
  • Monthly Stipends
  • Meals from University
  • Free Accommodation
  • Monthly allowances to cover other expenses.

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Scholarship available under AIT Fully Funded Scholarships Thailand:

  • Royal Thai Government Scholarships
  • WE Consultant Scholarships
  • Scholarship for gender and Developmental studies
  • Thai Pipe Scholarships
  • Management (UWEM)
  • Japanese Government Scholarships
  • AITAA Vietnam Chapter Scholarships
  • Kurita Scholarships
  • BRIDGEX Scholarship for Structural Engineering
  • Prof. Emeritus Mohandas Scholarships
  • INDEX International Group Co. Ltd. Bonded Scholarship
  • China Scholarship Council
  • Korea Government Scholarships
  • Bangchak Scholarships
  • AIT-UNESCO-IHE program: Joint Master’s in Urban Water Engineering and
  • AITAA Bangladesh Chapter Scholarships
  • Computer and structures inc Scholarships
  • DAAD Scholarships
  • ADB and – Japan Scholarship Program (ADB-JSP)
  • Thai Samsung Electronics Limited Scholarships
  • Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

Which fields are available for submitting applications?

  • Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Department
  • Food, Agriculture, and BioResources
  • Department of Development and Sustainability
  • Energy, Environment, and Climate Change
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Management
  • Environment,
  • Resources
  • Development
  • Engineering and Technology.
  • Industrial Systems Engineering

What are basic requirements?

You need to fulfill the following basic requirements to apply for this opportunity:

  • If you are in the final year of your degree program, you will apply for your most recent transcript; however, you must submit your entire transcript at the time of enrollment.
  • A degree card must be submitted.
  • You must request two letters of recommendation when applying for a doctoral program.
  • To be eligible for this incentive, you must have an IELTS or TOEFL score.
  • When applying for a doctoral degree, you must request a thesis proposal.

What is the deadline for submitting an online application?

Since there are several scholarship options available through AIT scholarship Thailand, the deadlines for each scholarship vary from April to May. For more information about the deadlines for each scholarship, go to the official website.

What is the procedure for applying for AIT Fully Funded Scholarships Thailand?

The selection process is entirely online; simply choose a scholarship and submit all relevant documentation to the online portal. Please visit the official website of AIT Scholarships Thailand for more information and to apply online.


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