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Call For New Members Global Young Academy

Call For New Members Global Young Academy
Call For New Members Global Young Academy

Call for New Members Global Young Academy is open now. The Global Young Academy Call for New Members|2022 is currently in the works. Global Young Academy (GYA) is a well-known innovator in online educational materials for young people all over the world. Dr. Ashish Jha founded GYA in 2005 with support from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to transform online learning with its unique learning themes, methods, apps, and delivery systems that enable students to achieve while impacting millions of lives young people. You Can Also Apply For ADB Internship Bank Paid Internship

Agenda of Global Young Academy:

GYA is a worldwide young academy that inspires and provides practical skills and information to these future leaders. Our aim is to provide advanced ideas, creative solutions, global strategies, and culturally relevant solutions to the world’s best. The aim of GYA is to create an institution of excellence. That will empower leaders to become internationally relevant and improve their companies on a global scale. We accomplish this through.

Global Young Academy is a non-profit organization. It provides chances for young people all around the world to achieve their ambitions. It provides military training, business training, public service announcements, and other activities. If you want to work in public service to preserve and enhance human rights, Global Young is the place to be.

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About Membership:

Organization Name: Global Young Academy
Eligible: All applicants considered
Deadline: September 15,2021.

Eligible Criteria for Members:

Fields of Study:

Invitations are open to all researchers working in all fields of study, including the natural sciences, physics, arts, social sciences, and humanities.


Candidates must be capable to demonstrate a high level of knowledge in the field supported by demonstrated results and anticipated future achievements. Also, candidates must show a clear commitment to social development. doctoral degree. or equivalent requirements for the candidate.

Age and Career Points:

Candidates must be self-sufficient at the start and midway of their careers. Applicants between the ages of seven years Ph.D. and 30-40 years urged to submit applications based on why they should be considered for their request.


The Global Young Academy operates a wide range of programs worldwide to support young researchers, popularize science to a larger audience, engage in political debate, and promote international and Collaboration between disciplines. In one or more of these areas, applicants must demonstrate interest or experience.
Every GYA Member is expected to attend the GYA Annual General Meeting each year, as well as actively participate in any of the Organization’s programs. It includes policy development, promotion of National Young Academies, support for science, international education, and the Young Scientist Ambassador Program.GYA is an active organization and it takes a time commitment on the part of every member to be a member. Should new members be selected, they should be available for the next Annual General Meeting to be held in Japan from 13 June to 17 June 2022.

Applying Process for Global Young Academy:

Applications should be filled out by the candidate and supported by a letter of recommendation. It takes around 30 minutes to complete the application, you can save the application form at any time and complete it later.

Deadline for Global Young Academy Membership:

The last date of applying for a GYA membership is September 15, 2021.


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