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DAAD Funded Scholarship Germany

DAAD Funded Scholarship Germany
DAAD Funded Scholarship Germany

DAAD Funded Scholarship Germany is open now and finally available to foreign students, sponsored by Germany. Germany has recently become a destination for foreign students from all over the world. Germany is a paradise for higher education. You will find many world-ranked colleges, endless courses to choose from, internationally valued degrees that offer you high employability, and low living costs, unlike in any other country in Germany.

Brief Information Of DAAD Funded Scholarship Germany

  • Location: Germany
  • Funded Type: Fully Funded
  • Course Level: Masters and Ph.D.
  • Duration: Between 12 to 36 Months
  • Last Date: The deadline varies from program to program.

Read our Guidelines articles and increase your chances of acceptance

Courses and Universities:

You will find a large number of degrees and different courses in any university under the DAAD German Funded Scholarship. You can review each university and its courses according to your studies and can fill the application form and can manage documents accordingly.

Scholarship Benefits:

Following are benefits students can after selection in DAAD Funded Scholarship Germany:

  • The monthly payment issued by the scholarship authority is EUR 850 for students in the graduation program.
  • The monthly payment for graduate programs is 1200 euros.
  • Flight allowances for scholarship holders are available for
  • Accidental insurance, personal liability insurance, and health insurance are available.
  • Education, injury, and personal responsibility insurance cover payments
  • In certain conditions, scholarship holders can obtain benefits afterward.
  • A monthly rental Allowance 
  • With a monthly payment for their expenses to accompany the family.

What requirements must be met?

You need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria to apply for this scholarship:

  • You should have a bachelor’s degree with a similar DAAD Scholarship degree.
  • The applicant’s degree should not be more than six years old.
  • After your bachelor’s degree, you should have 2 years of experience.

Required documents DAAD Funded Scholarship Germany:

You need to make the following documents to start your application:

  • Application for a DAAD scholarship with recent results.
  • Your template CV should be passed by Euro
  • Motivational letter.
  • A letter of recommendation with the letterhead of the business signature and the official stamp of that workplace from your new employer.
  • IELTS is required, not TOEFL, to apply.
  • For German courses, the German language is necessary.
  • Transcripts for a university degree
  • Chinese students have to request an APS Certificate for entry.

Application and Selection Procedure:

  • You’ve got to submit the entire submission.
  • An applicant for the scholarship will be selected by the selection committee.
  • Only the selected applicant will be said by the DAAD authority to submit a full application to the DAAD portal.
  • The committee will contact you again following the final pick.

Last Date For Submission:

The deadline for this scholarship varies from program to program you can visit the official website for more details:


You need to have a copy of every document of yours because in case of selection for Scholarship you have to upload all documents on the online portal of DAAD Scholarship.

Apply Now:

You can read all details regarding DAAD Scholarships from the official website for that click here.


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