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Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Korea Scholarships

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Korea Scholarships
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Korea Scholarships

Gwangju institute of science and technology Korea Fully Funded Scholarships are open now. Various fields for Master’s, Ph.D. programs, and integrated masters and Ph.D. programs are available at this university.

South Korean Universities are in competition with the US Universities. Most of the Korean Scholarships Universities are in the top 100 NowGISTUSTSeoul National University, Postech University are the Top Universities of South Korea to Study. GIST is a Public University and established by the Korean Government. You CAn Also apply for ACU Exchange Summer Program

Brief Details About Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology Korea Scholarships:

Location: South Korea

University Name: Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

Course Available: Masters/MPhil and Ph.D. MS leading to Ph.D.

Funded Type: Fully Funded

Deadline to apply: 15th April 2021

Scholarship Privileges:

Gwangju University scholarship is a Fully Funded Scholarship to Study in South Korea.
  • The University will cover all financial expenses.

A scholarship of Tuition Assistance for all students:

  • Tuition fully supported by 3.415,000 per semester.

Monthly scholarships for all international students:

  • You will get an allowance of 140000 monthly if you are studying as a Master’s Student.
  • An amount of 295000 monthly if you are a Ph.D. student.
  • You will get a proper meal allowance.
  • You can read other details from the official website.

120,000 monthly stipend for international students:

  • For this scholarship, you need a GPA of 3.0 or more than this (out of 4.5) in the previous semester.

Housing (All Students):

  • Waiting time may be longer than expected.
  • Housing charges will be increased every year.
  • Utility fees shall be charged separately.
  • Additional costs may be incurred for wallpaper or flooring.


Apartment for Married Students:

  • Two-bedroom apartment.

Health Insurance for All International Students:

  • This scholarship supports 60 percent of the Korean health insurance fee.
  • There are other options for this scholarship as well.
  • Annual check-ups are also included.

Flight Reimbursement (All Incoming International Students):

All international students coming to this university will be reimbursed for one-way flights for first-time use only.

Available Degree for study:

  • Master’s degree Programs
  • Ph. D Programs
  • Integrated M.S. and Ph.D. Program

Fields Available:

  • Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • Deaptment of Integrated Technology
  • Earth Sciences and Environmental Engineering
  • Life Science
  • Biomedical Science and Engineering
  • School of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Physics and Photon Science
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Chemistry

Required Documents:

You must send all your documents in pdf form by e-mail.
  • For Form 1 the submission of the Statement of Application Document
  • Degree of Bachelor
  • Bachelor’s degree transcripts
  • Master’s degree in
  • All Master’s degree transcripts
  • You need two letters of recommendation for Form 2
  • The results of the English proficiency test
  • Copy of passports
  • You need a letter of recommendation from teachers to obtain a fee waiver for registration (Form 3)
  • Certificate of proficiency in English from your home university (optional)

Eligibility Criteria for apply:

  • All nationalities are eligible to apply for this grant.
  • Before applying, you should have a Bachelor’s degree to be eligible for the Master’s program.
  • You should have a Masters’s degree before applying to be eligible for the Doctoral Program.

Deadline for Application:

15th April 2021 is the last date to apply on this scholarship.

Want to apply?

Application is completed online through the university online application form that you can upload your required documents or send them to your e-mail address. They accept their offer after admission.


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