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How Does GRE Actually Work?

The Education Testing Service creates many opportunities for graduate students by organizing the Graduate Record Examination (GRE).Everyone wants to know how does GRE Actually work? The young and talented students can attain admission in high school, including Business or Law School, using this general test option of GRE. They can explore many options and open the doors of employment and high earnings. The graduate students can determine their future by sending their higher scores in the GRE in the selected institutes.

Type of Questions Featured by the GRE:

The GRE general test targets the cognitive ability of students by asking a particular type of questions. These questions will help them in thinking and processing the information to research the graduate, law or business schools. 

Verbal Reasoning:

This verbal reasoning helps you in evaluating and concluding the discussion or case study, suggest the reasoning from the incomplete data, perceive the complex meaning and summarize the tasks. It helps you to assess the complex verbal reasoning according to the situation.

Quantitative Reasoning:

There is a mathematical section which emphasizes on the quantitative reasoning skills. It determines how well you interpret and analyze the provided mathematical concepts such as analysis of geometry and data analysis.

Analytical Writing:

It is a writing section in which you support the idea or problem with logical reasoning and examples. Since it is an important part of the research, you must provide the evidence and reason in favor of your aim.

Where GRE is Applicable?

The GRE test has two types: GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. There is a list of professional institutes comprising the business, law and graduate school, also the department and division in the GRE approved schools, which allows you to pursue your career in these three different postgraduate degrees. The most important question which type of higher degrees demand the GRE test? The answer is the students belong to the different educational backgrounds come up with the common criterion for measuring students’ abilities to brighten up their future by choosing the degrees like a business, MBA, J. D or MBBS. It fulfills the original documents required for admissions such as admission applications or recommendation letters.

Countries Which take the GRE:

It is accessible in approximately 1000 test centers from over 160 countries. It is so frequent that you can take the test within a year. The students have to look up to the official website to see the list of programs and list of institutes which accept the GRE tests. The test dates and centers available are mentioned on the website. Enter the country name and get all the test information. Near China, the test is taken three times a year.

Modes of GRE Test:

The test is taken in two modes i.e., paper delivered and computer-delivered test. The content is the same, but there is a difference in the timing and number of the questions. The computer-delivered tests have some advantages. Like other tests, the computer-delivered test is usually taken on the computer in the test center and registration is done on the official website. The paper-delivered test is taken on the paper within the test center and is frequently less occur than the computer-delivered test at centers where computer and internet facility is not available.

Types of GRE Test:

The student willing to take the admission in the law or business school should take the GRE General Test. The GRE subject-specific tests will go for the students who want to see themselves as the doctors, botanists, zoologists, chemists, etc. 

Why GRE is Better than GMAT?

GMAT is the test that is taken by a lot of students to pursue their career in the business by choosing an MBA or higher business degree. GRE allows you to apply in the other degree programs besides a business degree. While giving the GRE computer-delivered test help student to edit their test again after completing the sections and giving answers to questions. 

GRE General Test VS. GRE Subject Specific Test:

As we all know, there is a difference between these two test types. It is better to think of the ease and specificity while applying to the desired degrees. GRE general is a standardized and preferable test which is taken by aspiring young students to test their skills in science, math through the verbal, mathematical and analytical writing. GRE general test will surely make your application competitive and stand out in the list of candidates. Though it is a common measure, it costs about 205 US dollars. The talented students can repeat the test every 21 days 5 times in a year. The highest score will be selected as a criterion. It is available in both modes as described above computer-delivered and paper-delivered test. The duration is approximately 4 hours.

GRE subject test also gives you a competitive edge. But it requires a higher score to get admission in the top-notch university. The fee of the GRE subject test is 150 US dollars. The test is completed within 2 hours and 45 minutes. Unlike the GRE general test, it is taken only on paper with no option of re-editing and formatting the written answers.

Eligibility Criteria for GRE:

There is no age limit and no pass-fail criteria for the students. However, high schools have already set criteria for the students. You can follow your higher study dream in the country by giving the GRE test.

Test format for GRE General Test:

Sr. NoMeasureSectionNo. of QuestionsAllowed Time
1.Analytical Writing2 SectionsEach section has two tasks2 tasks per sectionTask 1: problem analysisTask 2: argument analysisTotal: 120 minutes30 minutes for each task
2.Verbal Reasoning2 SectionsEach section has 20 questions40 questionsTotal: 60 minutes30 minutes per section
3.Quantitative Reasoning 2 SectionsEach Section has 20 questions40 questionsTotal: 70 minutes35 minutes per section
4. Unscored sectionvariesvariesvaries
5. Researchvariesvariesvaries

The order of the test content remains the same for analytical writing. It will always be at the top, while the other remaining measures can vary in the order. The unscored and research measure can also come in any order. The student should take the unscored section seriously, as it can contribute towards their performance and score report. These skills are grown over time and essential to survive in a professional environment. The total time is 3 hours and 45 minutes with 10 minutes break.

There are some test design features that you can attain while giving computer-delivered test such as skip the current answer and move to the next answer, mark and review features to tag questions, preview and review the capabilities within the section, ease of editing many times, and the on-screen calculator for calculating the solutions of quantitative reasoning questions.

Test Format for GRE Subject Test:

This is not like GRE general test. It comprises multiple-choice questions with no breaks. The MCQs are given from the subcategories of the selected subject.

The selected subjects are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Math 
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • English Literature

It is not as competitive as a GRE general test. But it is considered by the top educational institutes. The content specifications are given on the official website for each of the above subjects.

How it is scored and validity?

It is fairly scored by giving fair training to the professional for the scoring of GRE. The questions are analyzed routinely. The accommodation arrangements are made possible overtime for special students. The unbiased questions which do not target at the particular group of students are updated and changed. The GRE general test is valid for 5 years from test-taking.

Scoring of GRE:

The scoring is done by the professional trainees. The GRE general test has a score range from 260 to 340. Each section has a score range and a mean range. The verbal and quantitative reasoning has the same score range from 130 to 170, and the mean score is 151. The writing section has a score range different from the above two. The analytical writing section has a score range from 0 to 6 with the mean score is 4. The score report will receive 10-15 days after test-taking. The score report can be reviewed and the test can be taken again if the students think the achieved score does not get admittance in the respected institutes.

How to prepare for GRE Effectively?

The students can not expect to shine their future out without obtaining the higher scores in the GRE. The high score is not possible without effective preparation. The self-pace is very important to rightly prepare the GRE. The important part of preparation is the consistency so you can drive yourself gradually. 

Many questions come in the students’ mind about how to prepare the GRE? Remember, these skills cannot be achieved by study harder and keeping knowledge. These skills develop over time with a long vision and determined mindset. The frequently asked questions are which area should he focus on? How to manage the time? Type of questions you encounter? And the methods students should adopt while preparing the GRE.

Methods Available for the GRE Preparation:

The aspiring graduates can approach according to their learning styles. Start from day 1 and work on your flaws and weaknesses.

Hire Personal Trainer:

If you want to prepare in a disciplined manner, prepare for it effectively. You can show commitment and dedication to your preparation by hiring the personal trainer. The benefits are studying at personal needs, at a suitable pace and personal guidance from the trainer. The only drawback is it requires too much money.

Prepare GRE by yourself:

The students which cannot afford an enormous amount of money prefer to prepare by themselves. They have to buy the GRE official preparation materials, practice test and guidebooks. There are many websites which help to provide GRE preparation materials and courses free of cost. Students having intellectual ability can start at very early along with their studies to practice the test. The concepts could not be made clear by themselves, and the pace is also a problem. Because young students do not have an idea about how to cover a large syllabus before final preparation. They do not get the right feedback at the right time, which also makes them anxious and doubtful. Although it has some advantages like the ease, comfort and time saving, it demands a lot of hard work and self-analysis. 

GRE Preparation classes:

If you want mutual learning and also get your concepts cleared, you can do this by enrolling in the course or training classes offered by reputable organizations or institutes. This requires a decent amount of money along with the time investment, but you can clear your concepts after discussing with your pals.

Preparation Material for GRE:

Sign up and make an account to get the free and paid preparation material from the educational testing service website. The GRE preparation material is available in the practice tests, guidebooks and webinars in multiple languages and time zones.

Steps to Prepare for GRE:

  1. How to start? 

The first step is to start with a course you want to study in the desired institutes, look up for the time when the application deadline appears. 

  1. Determine the time in the process

If your course classes start in the coming fall season, go for the test preparation and completion one month before the fall season ends. Make a timetable for preparation according to the factual data and join the classes.  Search for the average number of scores achieved by admitted students. It helps you in setting your aim to attain the desired score.

  1. Check the GRE Syllabus

Make yourself familiarize with GRE test contents and test format. It will help you in preparing both for the GRE test and final academic examination. Take a diagnostic test without any preparation to determine your good and weak points. The weak points can be strengthened easily according to the set timetable.

  1. Analyze Yourself

Every person has a different learning style and pattern. Therefore, the weaknesses vary from person to person. Once you list down all the flaws, you can check the time required to master the given concepts.

  1. Fix the date and Start Grinding

The time required for the preparation gets locked-in once you fix the date on the website for the test. It assesses how much time you have in covering and preparing for the test. If you are a fresher, take the test according to the application deadline, almost 3 weeks before the test. But if are a repeater, try to take the test again before the deadline after passing 21 days of the previous test and select the higher score through score select option given at the official website. Divide your grinding routine into the learning, preparation and feedback phases.


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