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Internship At Samsung USA 2021

Internship At Samsung USA 2021
Internship At Samsung USA 2021

Research Internship At Samsung USA 2021 is open now. Samsung is a global leader in the production of televisions, mobile phones, semiconductors, and other technological goods. As a result, it is the desired location for students. The more you learn about the organization, the more appealing this internship gets. Samsung employs a large number of bright individuals who are seeking a chance to get experience through a project or internship. You don’t have to be a genius or a child prodigy to get in. Simply said, the more you know about Samsung, the higher that you have more chances of getting considered.

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Details About Research Internship At Samsung USA:

Samsung is ever-evolving with its technological advances and innovations. It is an opportunity to gain valuable experience and gain knowledge about how our industry works by working under the guidance of an expert team of engineers and scientists.

Country Name: USA
Deadline: July 31, 2021.
Company Name: Samsung

Samsung is searching for skilled and ambitious individuals to join its mission of technical innovation. This internship will offer you hands-on experience while also igniting your love for technology by assisting Samsung in the development of market-revolutionizing goods. Working on an intriguing and practical topic that allows you to improve your abilities and get significant industry experience is the greatest approach to become a motivated researcher. This is an advantge for both you and the organization since experienced experts have more information to offer to someone who may not already have it.


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The goal of the Internship:

This internship aims to gain knowledge and experience that will transfer directly into my future work with Samsung as an electronics engineer.

Eligible Criteria for Research Internship At Samsung USA:

  • You must understand your PCB’s packaging and production process.
  • Samsung interested in hiring interns who have finished their second year of Ph.D. studies in electrical engineering or a related field.
  • These interns must have prior expertise with CMOS, SiGe, or III-V technologies, as well as an understanding of foundry PDK.
  • The company is searching for employees who have worked with CMOS, SiGe, or III-V technologies.

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Internship Description:

The selected candidates for the internship will be responsible for developing and testing integrated circuits to include their telecommunication designs.

  • The ideal candidate will be capable of using Cadence tools to design ICs, is familiar with wireless communication products, and can carry out Cadence, ADS, HFSS, and Momentum simulations.
  • Students must have an interest in hardware and RF RFIC semiconductor design.

Benefits of Research Internship At Samsung USA:

There are many benefits to working at Samsung.

  • Firstly, the opportunity to work on some of the world’s most advanced technology is a real thrill.
  • There’s no better way to gain experience in building devices than by helping to build them.
  • Working on a team is also fun and successful internships are often selected based on the amount of technical knowledge an applicant has and/or maintains.

Method of Applying:

The application is now open for all and totally online-based methods.


The last date to apply for this internship is July 31, 2021.


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