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The EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2021-22

The EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2021-22
The EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2021-22

The EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier global competition for students who own and operate a business. Nominees compete against their peers from around the world in a series of local and national competitions in hopes to qualify for the GSEA Global Finals. GSEA supports student entrepreneurs who require much-needed mentorship, recognition, and connections to take their businesses to the next level of success.

The Global Student Entrepreneur Award is open for young and talented students worldwide, running a potential startup for socio-economic development. Students at college or university who have had a startup for at least six months are invited to apply. To be selected for the final GSEA, candidates must first pass a local GSEA competition in their nation. Also Apply On Fully Funded UPG Leadership Program 2022

Saint Louis University created it in 1998, and it is now a globally known Entrepreneurs’ Organization program. GSEA is happy to support student entrepreneurs in more than 50 different countries. Successful contestants will have the opportunity to network with peers from all over the world at the Global Finals, hosted annually to honor their entrepreneurial spirit and achievements. It will select the potential startups, to those if a bit of investment, professional guidance, and proper marketing is provided, they will grow very well. The main aim of GSEA is to direct the youth towards entrepreneurship. And in this, GSEA will support the potential startups not only benefitting the economy but also positively impacting society. Check Also DAAD Exchange Program Fully Funded Summer

Here are more details about The EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2021-22:

  • Funding Type: Fully funded
  • The deadline is January 21, 2022

Eligibility Criteria of The EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2021-22:

Here are the criteria for the Global Student Entrepreneur awards:

  • There is restriction the age of applicant the age should be less than 30 years old.
  • Previous participants who were top 7 cannot participate this time.
  • Startups running from six or more than than six months can participate.
  • When submitting an application, the startup must have earned $500 or have an investment of $1,000.
  • Only the owners or shareholders of the organization are eligible to represent.
  • Applicant must be enrolled in any full or part-time graduate or undergraduate degree program in any university.

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Benefits of The EO Global Student Entrepreneur Awards 2021-22:

Check below benefits of this competiotn.

  • $25,000 cash and other benefits like traveling and accommodation expenses worth $40,000.
  • $10,000 is second prize.
  • $5,000 is third prized of this competition.


Deadline for the registration in the competition is January 21, 2022

How To Apply?

  • Participate in the local global student entrepreneur award in your country to identify potential entrepreneurs for the finals.
  • The winners from the local competition will be selected for the final Global Student Entrepreneur Award.


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