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University Of Canberra’s Vice-Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarships 2023

University Of Canberra’s Vice-Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarships 2023
University Of Canberra's Vice-Chancellor's Social Champion Scholarships 2023

University Of Canberra’s Vice-Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarships 2023 is open now. Paddy Nixon from the University of California has announced the Social Champion Scholarship from the Vice Chancellor. He claims that this scholarship is the largest and most esteemed that the University of Canberra has ever awarded. One of the Top 20 Youngest Universities in the World, the university is just 30 years old. To ensure that everyone has access to a top-notch education, the school is committed to diversity and inclusivity. The University of Canberra gives students with talent but little resources the opportunity to succeed through this scholarship. Obviously, you must have academic qualifications to be eligible. being accessible to and available to everyone The VC welcomes the chosen applicants and invites more overseas students to submit scholarship applications.

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The University of Canberra’s renowned Vice Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarship is given to overseas candidates who exhibit the institution’s basic principles and a dedication to social involvement, sustainability, and minimizing disparities. The first semester of 2023 will see the distribution of three awards.

More Information About Scholarship:

  • Worth: $60,000
  • Study/Scholarship Level: Undergraduate/Postgraduate
  • Scholarship Type: Need-based
  • Duration: Course duration varies
  • Number of Awards: 3 for international students.

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Info About University:

Bruce is home to the Institution of Canberra’s main campus, an Australian public research university. The Social Champion Scholarship was founded by Vice Chancellor Paddy Nixon to make it simpler for individuals from varied and difficult backgrounds to study and do research at the institution.

What Are The Benefits Under This Scholarship?

Successful applicants may be awarded up to $50,000 year, which will pay for:

  • the total cost of the course’s tuition.
  • campus housing
  • A yearly allotment of $10,000
  • Along with other expenses throughout the year.

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What Fields Are Open For Scholarship?

The University of Canberra offers Vice-Social Chancellor’s Champion Scholarships for International Students 2023 for enrollment in undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral programmes.

Application time duration:

•         April 1, 2022: Application Period Opens

•         9 October 2022: Deadline for applications.

•         Candidates selected for interviews will be notified in November 2022.

•         Final scholarship results will be announced in December 2022.

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Selection Criteria

Applicants will need to submit a written statement that demonstrates the following:

1. A need for money

2. Experience and values in the following categories:

  1. Possibility to develop as a leader by embracing and advancing the concepts of social and economic equality.
  2. Contributing to the community in a constructive way by acting creatively, inventing, and motivating others.
  3. Curiosity, a willingness to cooperate with others and engage with viewpoints from other cultural backgrounds.

The application for the Vice Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarship is presently available, however as was previously said, you must first apply for admission to Canberra University and obtain an offer letter in order to progress with the scholarship application process. As they may contact you, if necessary, be sure to give sufficient proof of your eligibility for the positions indicated on the application.

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What Are The Requirements For Applying For this Scholarship?

If you are, submit an application for the Vice Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarship.

  1. At the time of application, located outside the nation.
  2. You have applied to Canberra University but have not yet begun your postgraduate or undergraduate degree programme there.
  3. An incoming freshman at the University of Canberra.
  4. Have achieved a minimum grade point average of 80% [or an equivalent] to meet the program’s academic requirements.
  5. Retain any offer letters, including those that are conditional or provisional, that the University of Canberra has sent.
  6. Are requesting a student visa for Australia.
  7. A principal visa candidate. Dependents cannot accompany the principal visa applicant and are not eligible for the award.

Application Deadline: 

October 9, 2022

Application Procedure

Interested applicants for the Vice Chancellor’s Social Champion Scholarship are to apply online by the application deadline.


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