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Top Scholarships in China for International Students

Top Scholarships in China for International Students
Top Scholarships in China for International Students

China is quickly becoming a rising educational star. It’s evident in the flood of students, with over 490,000 international students studying in the ‘Red Dragon.’

And why shouldn’t they? Quality education is promised by Chinese institutions. In fact, six of its schools are ranked in the top 100 in the World University Rankings.

More crucially, Chinese colleges provide education at a lower cost than other popular alternatives. Students must pay a minimum of USD 2,500 each year, for a total of USD 10,000 for a four-year degree.

Even at this low cost, some students are unable to purchase it. It’s a good thing that the Chinese government, colleges, and other organizations provide scholarships for overseas students. Let us have a look at some of the China scholarships offered to overseas students.

China is one of the most popular study abroad locations in the world, with over 200,000 foreign students. Furthermore, its government is eager to lure the smartest and greatest postgraduates by offering a variety of scholarship programmes that include the opportunity to pursue a fully funded master’s degree in China.

This page will introduce you to the major Chinese Government Scholarship programmes.

1. Qingdao University “Chinese Government Scholarship (Type B)

CSC scholarship type B mainly refers to Chinese institutions’ scholarship programmes under the CGS-Chinese University Program (CGS-CUP). The universities that submitted for Type B will assess the applications. Scholarship programmes at other universities provide the same level of coverage. Scholarship Amount: a percentage of or the whole cost of tuition. Studying for a graduate degree qualifies you. This China scholarship, also known as the Chinese University programme, is only open to international graduate students who want to attend certain universities. The CGS type B programme includes all graduate programmes, whether they are taught in Chinese or English, as well as the student’s prerequisite year. The Type B scholarship, like other CGS programmes, offers a salary, free board and lodging, and health insurance.

Type B scholarship applications, as opposed to those for Type A scholarships, may be submitted directly to the college. Students in the arts will have to present a collection of their work in order to meet the standards outlined above. An annual evaluation of CGS recipients takes place. Ahead of the following school year’s financing, this is completed.

Non-Chinese nationals between the ages of 18 and 40 who are in excellent health are eligible to apply. Those interested in the master’s or Doctoral programmes must be under the age of 35 or 40, respectively. Non-Chinese students who are presently in China are not eligible. Second, students who intend to enroll in a doctoral or master’s degree programmes in September 2019 are eligible to apply.

Applicants must adhere to Chinese government norms and laws, conduct themselves honorably, and complete the entry criteria of Qingdao University’s Master’s and Doctoral programmes. This grant was only open to candidates who had not previously obtained any other kind of financial aid or scholarship.

2.     Chinese Government Scholarships for international students in China

Scholarships for overseas students in China are supported by the Chinese government. These scholarships, provided by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), allow deserving postgraduates to pursue a master’s degree in China, with the following financial advantages:

• Waiver of tuition fees

Stipend of 3,000 RMB (USD $470) per month is available.

Housing assistance (either on-campus or off-campus) Health insurance

Even though they give basically the same cash prizes, the application procedures and qualifying requirements for the various Chinese Government Scholarship programmes all come under one umbrella. Program at a Chinese university.

3.     The Chinese University Program

Scholarships are provided at over 250 authorized Chinese universities under the Chinese University Program.

For up to three years, this grant may be used to pay for a fully funded master’s degree in English or Chinese.

In order to be eligible, you must be a non-Chinese national, have a bachelor’s degree, and be under the age of 35.

·         You must apply directly to one of the participating Chinese institutions between the beginning of January and the beginning of April, on average. In addition to submitting an online application, you’ll need to provide the following materials to the Chinese university of your choice:

  • Two academic reference letters
  • A certification of your physical fitness
  • An 800-word research proposal
  • copy of your bachelor’s degree and academic transcripts
  • You’ll get a scholarship from the Chinese government when your institution reviews your application.

4.     Confucius Institute Scholarship

Scholarships for Chinese language and cultural studies are available through the Confucius Institute.

The Scholarship for master’s degree in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages is one example of this kind of financing (MTCSOL). In order to be considered for admission, candidates must:

(Unless they’re a Chinese language instructor, in which case they may be under 45) • Be less than 35 years old

The following requirements must be met:

  • non-Chinese nationality.
  • HSK level 5 minimum score of 210.
  • HSK level intermediate score of 60.
  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Priority consideration for this scholarship programme will be given to applicants who have accepted a job offer from a school of higher learning.

There are several advantages to receiving an MTCSO scholarship from Confucius Institute.

• Tuition reimbursement 

• Accommodation

• A monthly stipend of 3,000 RMB (about $470)

By visiting the Confucius Institute Scholarship website, you may submit your application electronically. Applicants must submit a personal statement of no more than 3,000 characters written in Chinese and two academic references.

5. Peking University Scholarship – Fully Funded

In China, you may pursue a master’s degree. Candidates who want to study at a university in China that is fully funded are urged to apply for this scholarship.

Every year, roughly 120 new students are admitted to the Yenching Academy to study, live, and learn together. International students make up nearly a quarter of the total. Majors are available in 80% of cases.

Peking University offers the following disciplines and majors:

  • Religion and philosophy
  • The Law and Society
  • Culture and Literature
  • International Relations and Politics
  • Archaeology and history
  • Management and Economics

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