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European Youth Volunteering Program 2022

European Youth Volunteering Program 2022
European Youth Volunteering Program 2022

In order to participate in the European Youth Volunteering Program 2022, applicants must apply. Volunteering opportunities funded by the European Union are accessible in all countries of the European Union. This programme is open to all undergraduate and graduate students who meet the eligibility requirements. This is not an academic programme in the traditional sense. Participants from various nations may apply for any Funded Volunteer Opportunity that is accessible in European countries as part of this Volunteer initiative. This Opportunity will pay all of the costs associated with the trip.

Participation in this programme is free of charge, and no application fee is necessary. In addition to everyday living activities, volunteer opportunities are available.

Each opportunity comes with a set of requirements and a deadline. As a result, 886 jobs are available with a variety of deadlines. You should choose the most relevant Volunteer opportunity for you. The participant’s age should not be more than 30 years and should not be less than 18 years. This is an excellent opportunity since it does not need the completion of any IELTS or TOEFL tests. This is a Volunteer Program for High School Students.

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Details About European Youth Volunteering Program:

  • Countries in Europe where volunteers may be found
  • Duration: 4 weeks to 48 weeks
  • Number of Available Positions: 886 Available Positions
  • Financial Coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: Available Throughout the Year

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What is the EU Youth Portal?

The European Youth Portal is aimed for young people, as well as other stakeholders working in the area of youth policy and development (youth organizations, youth workers, policymakers, etc.).

Protection on a financial level:

Following your selection for the EU Volunteer Program, you will be entitled to participate in the following activities and get the following rewards.

  • A place to stay in a furnished apartment.
  • Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared.
  • Food allowance of 150 euros per month and 3 euros per day pocket money are provided.
  • Expenses for medical treatment
  • Travel expenses may also be reimbursed under certain circumstances.

Fields of Volunteerism:

Find a volunteer opportunity that is dear to your heart.

•      Pedagogy and didactics

•       Equality and non-discrimination

•       Citizenship and democratic participation

•       Disabilities – special needs

•       Inclusion – equity

•       Youthwork

•       Community development

•       Inclusion

•       Climate action, environment and nature protection

•       Health and wellbeing

•       Social assistance and welfare

•       Access for disadvantaged

•       Culture

•       Digital skills

•       Romas and/or other minorities

•       Social dialogue

•       European identity and values

•       Green skills

•       Healthy lifestyle, active ageing

•       Migrants’ issues

•       Gender equality / equal opportunities

•       Reception and integration of third-country nationals

•       Skills development

•       Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)

Some other fields are also available you can check from the official portal of this opportunity.

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There are no set deadlines for any volunteer opportunities that are available. Each Volunteering opportunity has a different deadline, and some of them do not have a specific deadline at all. Filter out potential chances by using a filter.

How to Apply?

The whole application process takes place online. You must submit your application via the European Youth Portal.


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