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Fully Funded UNS Scholarship in Indonesia 2024

Fully Funded UNS Scholarship in Indonesia 2024 is open now. The UniversitasSebelasMaret (UNS) scholarship in Indonesia is an amazing opportunity. It covers all expenses for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. You can get support for up to 8 semesters for a Bachelor’s degree, 4 semesters for a Master’s degree, and 6 semesters for a Doctoral degree.

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This scholarship is open to international students interested in various fields. Its goal is to help you grow and contribute to global knowledge in social, natural, and medical sciences. To apply, you’ll need a letter of recommendation from the nearest Indonesian Embassy or Consulate General. You should also bring your UNS offer letter, graduation certificate, academic transcripts, and passport to prove your eligibility.

The UNS scholarship is ideal for those looking to advance their careers. It offers a friendly environment where you can enhance your Indonesian language skills and learn to appreciate different cultures while collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds. Applicants who want to study in Indonesia can avail this opportunity. This scholarship is for all international students. 

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UniversitasSebelasMaret offers high-quality education that helps students grow personally and professionally. They gain essential knowledge, skills, and the right mindset. The university is also committed to research, striving to make new discoveries and innovations in various fields.

Fully Funded UNS Scholarship in Indonesia 2024

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Program: Scholarship

Coverage: Fully Funded

Institute: UniversitasSebelasMaret (UNS)

Host Country: Indonesia

Nationality: International

Degree Level: PhD, Masters and Bachelors

Duration: PhD 6 Semester, Masters 4 Semester and Bachelors 8 Semester

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Benefits of Fully Funded UNS Scholarship in Indonesia 2024

  • Accommodation facility in a shared room at the student dormitory will be given.
  • You’ll get a breakfast at the student dormitory.
  • Tuition fees are fully covered.
  • Applicants will receive a monthly living allowance based on your program such as IDR 1,000,000 for Bachelor’s level, IDR 1,250,000 for Master’s level and IDR 1,750,000 for Doctoral level.
  • Access to a free Indonesian Language course.

Required Documents for Fully Funded UNS Scholarship in Indonesia 2024

  • Recent photograph
  • Colored copy of passport with minimum 18 months validity
  • Graduation certificate (either in English or Indonesian language)
  • Academic transcripts (either in English or Indonesian language)
  • Indonesian language proficiency certificate
  • Health certificate (either in English or Indonesian language)
  • CV as per the provided template
  • Financial statement as per the provided template
  • English language proficiency certificate
  • Recommendation letter from the Indonesian Embassy of your country
  • 2 letters of recommendation from your immediate supervisor, or professor
  • Research proposal, if applying for a doctoral program
  • Personal statement as per the provided template. Indonesian language proficiency certificate
  • Letter of motivation

Eligibility Criteria of Fully Funded UNS Scholarship in Indonesia 2024

  • Candidates should have adequate financial support.
  • Open to all individuals who are not Indonesian citizens.
  • Willingness and enthusiasm to participate in a video interview as part of the application process.
  • No previous convictions for any crimes.
  • Applicants should demonstrated strong interest in pursuing a degree at UNS.
  • Complete and provide all the necessary documentation required for the admission process.
  • Aspirants should not holding refugee status.
  • You should be prepared to take and complete the Indonesian language course so you can attend lectures at UNS effectively.
  • You need to achieve a specific TOEFL score:
    • Minimum 450 for natural sciences programs.
    • Minimum 500 for social sciences programs.
    • Alternatively, you must have an equivalent score in other academic language proficiency tests.

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How to Apply for Fully Funded UNS Scholarship in Indonesia 2024

  • Interested candidates are requested to apply online through official website.
  • Link of official website is given below.
  • Upload all required documents.
  • Apply before deadline to be considered for this opportunity.
  • Application received after last date will not be considered.


  • Last date to apply for Fully Funded UNS Scholarship in Indonesia is 30th September, 2024.
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