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Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Austria 2023

Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Austria 2023 is open now. Austria’s Federal Minister of Labour and Economy has established a quota for hiring workers in tourism and agriculture for a maximum of six months per year. The European Commission estimates that over 100,000 workers from non-European countries come to the EU for seasonal employment, and the demand for such workers is increasing.

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In 2017, Austria implemented regulations for seasonal workers from non-EU countries. Since then, 49,467 work permits have been issued. Austria offers a Seasonal Worker Visa, which is a temporary employment contract for individuals from non-European countries. The Red White Red Card serves as both a work and residence permit, enabling non-European nationals to live and work in Austria. Note that citizens of EU countries can work and live in Austria without a work permit, but all other non-EU citizens require both a work permit and a Long Stay Visa for Austria.

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Austria has issued a total of 49,467 work permits from 2016 to 2019, mainly for seasonal and agricultural workers. Seasonal work includes jobs in the tourism sector, such as food services, hotels, leisure, and more, as well as agricultural work like plant production, viticulture, and animal husbandry for breeding or obtaining animal products. Seasonal workers can be employed for up to 6 or 9 months, and these are fixed-term positions.

The Austria Long Stay D Visa is typically issued for 24 months and has an overall maximum validity of five years. Visa costs vary, with Category C visas at €60 and Category D visas at €100. If you need assistance with your Austria work visa application or job search, you can contact Trusted Austria representatives, authorized by the Federal Ministry of the Government of Austria in various countries.

Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Austria 2023

Program: Seasonal Work Visa

Nationality: International

Host Country: Austria

Work Permit:Red White Red Card

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Visa Type: D Visa

Duration: 6 months or a maximum of 9 months

Validity: 5 Years

Visa Cost: Category C visas: €60 and for Category D visas: €100

Benefits of Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Austria 2023

  • Employers are required to offer suitable accommodation

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Job Sectors for Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Austria 2023

Agricultural Sectors and Harvesters

Activities related to producing and obtaining plant products, viticulture and fruit growing, fattening or for obtaining animal products, maintaining livestock for the purposes of breeding or horticulture,as well as hunting and fishing.

Tourism Sector

  • Cultural and entertainment facilities,Food services, travel agencies, cinemas, hotels, leisure and sports facilities, and health-care facilities.

Requirements for Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Austria 2023

  • A work permit (Red-White-Red Card) from the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS), typically processed by your employer.
  • A job offer from an Austrian employer.
  • A D Visa, which is a Long Stay Visa for stays exceeding 90 days.
  • Alternatively, a C Visa for stays up to 90 days.

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How to Apply for Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Austria 2023

Step 1: Find a Job in Austria

  • Start by applying for and securing a job offer. This offer should come from an Austrian employer with a valid employment contract.

Step 2: Get a Work Permit

  • Your employer will need to apply for a work permit through the Austrian Public Employment Service (Arbeitsmarktservice – AMS).

Step 3: Apply for the Austria D Visa

  • After the work permit has been granted, you must submit your visa application at the appropriate Austrian embassy or consulate located abroad.


  • Applications are open to apply for Seasonal Work Visa Opportunity in Austria 2023.
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